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Vienna for the first time

With this guidance you have to experience the exciting history of Vienna, the everyday life and the city development very closely. We touch the most important places of interest in the city centre hear all kinds of stories about fluorescent figures from art, culture and the Viennese legend world. And of course about the numerous culinary pleasures which Vienna has to offer. An enchanting one overlook for first-time Vienna visitors.

Takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours

Meeting with Old Vienna

Stroll with me by Viennese backyards, narrow lanes, hidden places, old houses. Listen to anecdotes about prominent persons and find out cryptic about the Viennese soul. All that and still offers even more this romantic Old Town walk.

Habsburg Imperial Crypt

The Imperial Crypt (also known as Capuchin crypt) ist the burial place of emperors and empresses of the House of Habsburg.

The Sarcophagi are works of art that reflect nearly four centuries of Austrian and European history.

12 emperors, 19 empresses and 119 other members of the Habsburg family are interred in the crypt.

Travel through four centuries and listen to exciting stories.

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